Terrorism – which are worse: terrorists or those fighting with World terrorism?

25 04 2005

The rhetoric of the ‘War on terrorism’ is beneficial to terrorism because the contemporary ‘terrorists’ do not seem less moral than those who are ‘waging war’ against them.

Kidnappers, not freedom fighters, made the word ‘terrorism’ into a symbol of evil


Which are less moral – terrorists or their hunters?


Those who declare fighting the ’War on terrorism’

Both are the same

Terrorism was eventually vilified as late as at the end of the XX century, when it became common practice to also refer to the criminals that take hostage groups of people and demand huge pecuniary ransom.

Now, the official propaganda of the US and its satellites is trying hard to convince the world that there exists the ‘World terrorism’ – an organisation of absolute evil that seeks to destroy the world, against which the kind-hearted and generous Americans and their faithful allies are devotedly fighting.

The US propaganda attaches the label ‘terrorism’ to its every enemy

By vastly exaggerating the importance of concerted action against hijackers, the US official propaganda had a much more important aim – to build a universal justification for killing any of its political enemies that could overcome the otherwise inevitable resentment of the remaining world. Americans succeeded in it, at least for a couple of years after the radical Muslims had destroyed the World Trade Centre in 2001.

Now practically everybody who supports any kind of resistance to the US, their faithful ‘allies’ or their occupational forces and special services all around the world can be called ‘terrorist’ or at least ‘supporter of terrorism’. The American propaganda is trying to attach the moral and legal status of the kidnappers who are acting for ransom to all the US enemies, and it usually succeeds with it thanks to primitive speculations on the single word ‘terrorism’.

Do the ‘terrorism fighters’ really have a moral right to condemn the terrorists?

It is not enough to blame a person or an organisation in order to discredit them – those who do this must have at least minimal moral authority.

The governments of the US and its satellites, their ideology makers, propagandists and media unanimously state that the US is the champion of democracy, justice, human rights, etc.

However, lots of people in the whole world, who have no reason to flatter the US in self humiliation, do not think so. For example, the government of the UK periodically reminds about its faithfulness to the US policy both directly and indirectly, though a great part of Britons do not approve of it.

The majority of mankind are convinced that the US is the biggest threat to peace and security in the world; therefore, the US propaganda of the ‘War on terrorism’ psychologically evokes sympathy for terrorists.

Anyway, people can themselves compare the terrorists with those who are ‘waging war’ on them.

Terrorism and ‘terrorists’ – the moral portrait

Usually resentment is shown towards terrorists because they pursue their goals by means of so-called ‘acts of terror’ – violent attacks aimed first of all at intimidating the enemy. Civilians often suffer during such attacks; and the deaths of peaceful people are the main cause of resentment and condemnation by the ‘terrorism fighters’.

This is impossible to dispute; however, nobody can also question the evident fact that there is no feasible means other than terrorism, by which an enslaved nation, especially unsupported by the US, could obtain freedom and independence. Even such a ruthless ‘terrorism fighter’ as Israel was established by means of what is now unambiguously called terrorism.

It can be interesting to compare modern terrorists with their counterparts that fought guerrilla wars against the occupational regimes of Hitler’s Germany and the Soviet Union. Though driven by practically identical political and moral motives, the guerrillas often were much crueler than the Muslims of the XXI century.

The ‘acts of terror’ often result in many civil casualties; however, the terrorists often die themselves too. Terrorists do not value their lives higher than the lives of their victims and are ready to sacrifice them if necessary.

Finally, the terrorists rarely torture their victims or degrade them. The executions that they carry out from time to time can hardly be qualified as inhuman treatment.

‘Terrorism fighters’ – the moral portrait

The ‘War on terrorism’ is dominated by the US government, army and special services, which are famous for their crimes against humanity in Vietnam, Cambodia, Grenada, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq. The US itself is also famous as a nidus of racial discrimination, where only the rights of white protestants are truly respected.

Only in Iraq, the ‘terrorism fighters’ have slaughtered about a hundred thousand Iraqis, many of which were peaceful civilians. When chasing terrorists, US military pilots, sometimes fed with LSD or similar drugs, often shoot dead tens of unarmed people or even peacefully playing little children.

‘Terrorism fighters’ are much more powerful than their enemies; however, they do not hesitate to use chemical weapons, which often results in murdering civilians together with ‘terrorists’.

The US special services are world famous for their inhuman treatment of prisoners. Torture, degrading, murdering of unarmed captives, inhuman treatment of those prisoners who are only suspected of organising resistance to the US, – the outstanding cruelty of CIA agents and their numerous colleagues has already passed into legend.

Terrorists and ‘terrorism fighters’ – comparison

One of the most distinctive features of ‘terrorism fighters’ is that they value their own lives much higher than the lives of the peaceful Muslims that fall their victims.

They usually ‘fight terrorism’ from behind the solid armours of their most advantageous planes and tanks. Although ‘terrorism fighters’ slaughter in cold blood thousands of innocent people, they always show indignation over every single death of any of their compatriots.

The terrorists, by contrast, do not think that their own lives have any special value and sacrifice them, if necessary, without any hesitation. Terrorists kill much fewer peaceful civilians than their enemies, and even the few thousand victims of the attack on the World Trade Centre in 2001 look so insignificant in comparison to the hundreds of thousands murdered by the ‘terrorism fighters’.

Finally, terrorism takes human lives, but the people usually die unexpectedly and painlessly. ‘Terrorism fighters’, by contrast, often torture and humiliate their enemies before murdering them.

Propaganda will not deceive hundreds of millions of Muslims

In contrast to Christianity, Islam is a religion built on sincerity and devotedness without lip service and hypocrisy; therefore, Christians usually do not understand Muslims. Christians have not yet understood that most Muslims will support the more moral side during the ‘war on terrorism’.

The propaganda of the US and their faithful ‘allies’ is continuously stating that they defend democracy, freedom, human rights, etc; however, most people are capable of deciding themselves who is right, and who is not.

It is so easy to compare the so-called ‘terrorists’ with the ‘terrorism fighters’ in terms of humanity and morality that it is absolutely clear that the idiotic rhetoric of ‘War on terrorism’ will unite most Muslims of the world behind the ideals exactly opposite to those declared by Bush and other primitive Western politicians and experts in ideology and propaganda.

What do you think about it?

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Every nation in every region now has a decision to make. Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.

George W. Bush,
20th September, 2001

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