Lithuania and Lithuanian identity – contempt and humiliation

11 03 2006

Lithuanian state is suffering a deep decline. Lithuanian culture, language and even national identity are held in contempt in Lithuania.

Lithuanian culture seemed to flourish during first years of independence

Lithuania declared its independence from the Soviet Union in 1990. Lithuanians then felt powerful euphoria over their unexpectedly regained right to decide on their fates after a fifty-year-long occupation.

The newly rebuilt national state became the principal caretaker of the Lithuanian national identity, then perceived as the highest value that made Lithuanians withstand the Communist rule and united them to fight for independence. At the time, everybody was sure that none could care better for it, as well as for freedom, democracy and justice.

The illusions were destroyed soon

The Lithuanian identity did not stay for long as a priority of the Lithuanian state.

The Lithuanian state propaganda started to advertise American and later – Western European mass culture as the ideals that had to be imitated at any price. Original Lithuanian culture rapidly became a symbol of backwardness and Soviet heritage.

The Lithuanian government itself soon turned into a humble performer of infinite orders of numerous international organisations and even some countries.

The Lithuanian identity became the object of mockery

In the middle nineties, Lithuanian government got used to humiliating itself, Lithuania and the entire nation in front of Israel. Soon, the Lithuanian identity not only lost all its status and prestige preserved through the Soviet occupation, but it also turned into an object of contempt, and even mocking of Lithuanian nation, introduced by Zuroff and other Israel’s extremists, became fashionable among Lithuanian media.

Lithuanian language has lost its status in Lithuania

Corruption has rapidly turned the few laws that still required a little respect for the state language into empty words.

English systemically replaces Lithuanian in public life, many businesspersons and industrious journalists pretend that they do not have to use proper Lithuanian in their Lithuanian enterprises, radio stations or magazines after Lithuania joined the EU.

After all, even in the Soviet Union, Lithuanian was much more respected than it is now in the independent Lithuanian Republic.

Lithuanian state institutions blatantly defile Lithuanian Constitution in order to please impertinent foreigners

Lithuanian constitution states unequivocally that only a Lithuanian citizen who has no obligation to any other country and who has been living in Lithuania for three years can be as elected president of Lithuania.

Nonetheless, when an impertinent US citizen Valdas Adamkus anyway expressed his wish to stand anyway at the presidential election of 1997, he was registered as a candidate, thus, showing that Lithuanian constitution has no power over Americans.

Later, Lithuanian constitution was defiled even by then chairman of Lithuanian Constitutional Court, who swore in Adamkus as Lithuanian president.

Zenonas Vaigauskas
The chairman of the Central Electoral Committee Zenonas Vaigauskas

Vaigauskas chaired the Central Electoral Committee when it for many times defiled Lithuanian constitution.

The Committee ignores even the most blatant abuses of electoral law every time it is in a hurry to pander to the whims of the politicians that nominate its members.

It would be interesting to find out what secrets are hidden behind the thick walls of the Central Electoral Committee where technical problems (such as computer crashes) usually occur during counting of the votes, and the situation changes radically when the problems have been solved, and where counting of the votes is supervised by people like the long-term chairman of the Central Electoral Committee Zenonas Vaigauskas.

The Lithuanian state institutions continue ignoring the constitution by constantly violating it in whenever they need it to please the EU Commission. Disrespect for the constitution has already turned into a firm tradition.

Lies and propaganda are flourishing, and this is considered normal

Lithuanian media rarely dare publish the truth about the countless errors by Lithuanian politicians, which so often look as ordinary cases of corruption.

After years of cleaning of those who were able to think independently, there have remained practically only political journalists that are just capable of carrying out orders of their employers in Lithuania. Publishing well-paid lies is considered a normal practice of the media.

Official Lithuanian history and textbooks have turned into mere tools of propaganda

The official version of Lithuanian history reflects only those historical facts that are useful to the politicians in power. Therefore, the official history does not seem to be a subject of science, but rather a collection of contracted articles, shamelessly glorifying Catholic Church and vilifying Russia.

History textbooks serve to similar purposes. Many of them do not differ from their Soviet predecessors, they just glorify other idols.

Lithuanian ‘democracy’ does not look like a democracy

The tradition of disrespect of Lithuanian constitution, which started with the election of Adamkus as president and finally consolidated with the EU-referendum, resulted in a complete abolition of the rule of law in Lithuania.

Corruption, lawlessness, abuse of power, buying votes, control of the media have reached such a level that – as also shown by many polls of public opinion – in comparison to Lithuania, even neighbouring Belarus looks like a perfect democracy.

What do you think about it?

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