European Union – destroys instead of creating

01 05 2005

European Union is destroying democracy and promoting corruption. Any opposition to the EU is suppressed by successfully manipulating conservative economic ideologies and the symbolism of Europe.

EU glorifying propaganda does not correspond with reality.

The European Union glorifies itself as the representative of Europe, which greatly consolidates the economic and political potential of the continent. The development of the EU is always praised as a doubtlessly progressive historical process increasing the welfare of the Europeans and ensuring human rights and democracy.

However, broadly known economic data clearly shows that since the establishing of the European Union, the economy of its members has been weakening in relation to the rest of the world. The introduction of euro pushed the countries of Western Europe into a deep economic crisis; and, despite the fact that the European Economic Community has recently been the most efficient economic organization in the world, the European Union has already turned into a heavy burden for its citizens.

The European Union spreads corruption

Extensive experience of some countries in Eastern and Central Europe suggests that the European Union promotes corruption in its members not only by the means of enormously puffing up the number of bureaucrats and creating countless opportunities for bribery via various funds and programmes.

For example, having just joined the European Union, Lithuania in 2004 became the most corrupt state in Europe.

European Union destroys democracy

The EU destroys all the democratic and legal institutions capable of limiting its powers and influence. By unscrupulously interfering into internal policy of its member states, the European Union undermines even the democratic responsibility of politicians, which always blame the EU in public for their own crimes and mistakes.

By the way, the European Union undermines human rights too. The members of the European Union are free of critcs from most international organisations; therefore, the arbitrary powers of politicians and bureaucrats towards ordinary people there have become virtually uncontrolled.

It can be seen clearly in Lithuania, where due legal process has become a privilege of the rich. According to public opinion polls conducted after joining the European Union, already about a half of the Lithuanians do not consider Lithuania to be a democratic state any more.

The European Union evades any criticism by means of manipulating the symbolism of Europe

‘Europe’ is a positive and inspiring word not only for Europeans; therefore, although the EU represents only a part of the European continent, its bureaucracy is trying hard to monopolize the powerful symbol. EU bureaucrats exploit successfully the humble posture towards themselves of many non-EU states.

For unknown reasons, even Russia accepts not being considered a part of Europe although it occupies a big part of the continent. Apparently Russians do not notice that in this way they indirectly recognise their cultural and moral inferiority in the eyes of the whole world.

The propaganda of the European Union does not meet with any considerable resistance because the EU bureaucracy already controls not only Western, but also Central Europe, and a great part of Eastern Europe. By cynically manipulating economic ideologies, the symbolism of Europe, and the mythology of ‘the historical mission of the European Union’, EU ideology makers and propagandists successfully neutralise any external and internal opposition.

What do you think about it?

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