Adolf Hitler

Nazism again

Adolf Hitler and his Nazism are fiercely condemned because they were sincere, did not conceal their true intentions and lost their war. The worst contemporary Nazis usually waffle about human rights and democracy.

The notion Nazism originated from the short form of the word ‘Nationalsozialist’ – ‘Nazi’, used to refer to members of Hitler’s National Socialist Party.

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United States – the phantom menace

With the assistance of the CIA, the US controls many countries of the world. If the unpredictable American ‘democracy’ brings to power intelligent fanatics, it will be extremely difficult for mankind to curb US aggression.

The United States often depicts itself as the most democratic country round the world, in which human rights are fully secured.

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Bush apologizes

Bush and ordinary Americans – Nazi methods are of little use against Nazism

Some opposers of Bush give vent to their anger on Americans travelling abroad. They want Nazism and aggression stop growing in the US, yet they achieve the opposite – making them even stronger.

The US has got into the habit of starting a new act of aggression in every couple of years. US presidents, famous for their limited intellectual abilities, think that they may begin a new war in every case they need to divert attention away from their inability to cope with economic problems. Thus, entire states are being destroyed; hundreds of thousands of peaceful people are being killed for vague reasons.

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I believe today that my conduct is in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator.

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