Laima, the goddess of destiny, luck, and happiness

09 05 2013

[‘laɪmʌ] is the Lithuanian goddess who takes care of the birth and destiny of everybody. She is also the patron of the women in pregnancy and labour.

The symbol of Laima is a stylised fir, Laima’s Fir. Her day of the week is Sunday.

Laima helps people to come to this world

All the people come from the other side, as Vėlinas decides it. Laima meets them here, on Earth.

Therefore, pregnant women appeal to Laima, ask her to protect them during pregnancy and especially at the time of labour.

Laima’s Fir
the Sign of Fir

Laima decides the general destiny of everybody

When a baby is born, Laima decides what it will be in general: good person or bad, lucky or unlucky, strong or weak, etc. The goddess draws the general lifeline for everybody.

So every would-be mother ardently asks Laima to be graceful to her child, of course, if she is interested in the destiny of her baby.

Laima’s favour means luck and happiness

Everybody wishes to be a favourite of Laima. The Lithuanian word laimė [‘laɪme] means both luck and happiness. To be laimingam [laɪm‘ɪngʌ] or to have laimės [‘laɪmes] can mean being both lucky and happy.

However, there is no point in praying to Laima to help you win a lottery. Laima is not interested in money or other forms of material wealth, you should rather try to make a deal with an Aitvaras [‘aɪtvʌrʌs].

People ask Laima for help when they need non-material luck and happiness for themselves and their families.

Laima loves cats

Cats are Laima’s favourite animals. Some people believe that the goddess more willingly helps cat lovers. ☺

Anyway, if you do not wish to fall out with Laima, you should not do any harm to her favourites.

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