Bangputys, the god of seas and winds

18 07 2013

Bangpūtys [bʌngpuː‘tiːs] (the Wave-Blower in Lithuanian) is the Lithuanian god who takes care of seas, lakes, and rivers as well as winds, storms and floods.

the Bangpūtys Weather Vane
the Sign of Weather Vane

Greek Poseidon and Roman Neptune are close to Bangpūtys; probably all these are just different names of the same Euronian god.

Bangpūtys makes sure that those who pollute Earth’s waters or do otherwise damage to them do not get a favourable wind.

Ancient Lithuanians were not especially dependent upon the sea; therefore they often worshipped Bangpūtys as the god of the winds – Vėjopatis [ve‘jɔːpʌtɪs] (the Master of the Wind) is just another popular title of him.

Lithuanians traditionally spare their sea, lakes, and rivers as well as the whole nature; thus Bangpūtys has always been very kind to Lithuania – even mild storms are fairly rare here.

But mankind as a whole is rapidly advancing on Earth’s oceans, seas, lakes, rivers, and even underground waters contaminating them in every possible way.

So Bangpūtys has a lot of work to do in defence of his realm. There are many weapons at his disposal: storms, hurricanes, tornados, floods, etc. – he will certainly use them to the last.

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