Euronism and Euronians

05 03 2013

is the common name of the original European faiths and religions.
is a person who believes in European gods or follows any of the many branches of Euronism.

I am Lithuan (lietuvietis in Lithuanian), I believe in the Lithuanian gods. Thus I call myself Euronian too, just like Lutherans also call themselves Christians.

There are many gods in Euronism

Euronians worship many gods and goddesses. Everybody can choose the god or goddess he prefers or needs as his favourite. Nobody can force anybody to worship any god against his will.

We, Euronians, do not try to extinguish worshipers of other gods. There many gods in the universe, and we cannot know for sure that our gods are better than others though we believe it ourselves and love them because they are OUR gods.

The symbols of Vėlinas,
the god of death and rebirth
pentagonal linear starpentagonal black stara tree in the shape of a pentagonal star

The Vėlinas Star symbolises the unity between man and nature, what we know and what we do not know, the unity between life and death.

We come here from there, and, when our time comes, we return there in order to be born again.

However, we appreciate our gods who protect our countries, nations and families. And we are ready to defend our faith, values and traditions against everybody and everything.

We have very much in common, and we understand this. It is probable that we worship the same gods, just call them differently. For instance, it is very likely that Milda, the Lithuanian goddess of love, is the same goddess as the Roman Venus and the Scandinavian Freya.

We are not afraid of death

We, Euronians, know that we never die completely. We will only pass to the country of the dead, then we will be born again. Every end is also the beginning of something new.

It depends only on ourselves how we are going to be reborn. If we behave dishonestly or inhumanely, we’ll have to pay for it with long years of senseless existence before being born again.

That’s why our lives are of much more importance than our death. Our gods do not care about our mistakes, the so-called ’sins’, as Christians understand it. However, everybody’s going to pay for all the perfidy and cruelty he commits in his life.

Euronian gods are not as vane as the god of Judaists, Christians and Muslims

In fact, our gods do not care how we worship them. They are TRULY POWERFUL and they don’t need to see us kneeling, beating at the floor with our heads or humbling ourselves like dogs in any other way. Such things please them no more than we’d be pleased seeing ants praying to us. ☺

However, Euronian gods expect us to be not forgetting them, respecting them, asking for advice and following their strict ethical codes.

Our gods help us if they like us. Every god and goddess appreciate certain personal qualities in us. Perkūnas supports the brave and the honourable. Laima protects labouring mothers, she likes cat lovers, as cat is HER beloved animal.

Yahweh, Jesus and Allah require their followers not to worship other gods or goddesses and to destroy their temples. Euronian gods do not demand such abominable things. They are interested only in the ethical aspects of anybody’s actions. They of course do not help the people who do not respect them, but our gods are too noble to avenge it.

However, if somebody offends them gravely, he will have to pay for it sooner or later.

Being Euronian isn’t easy

The current Christian culture, that has been dominating Europe for almost 2 millenia, is based on deceit and hypocrisy. Christians play certain roles that help them to obtain most money and influence all their lives.

Then they pray to Jesus Christ and pay certain amounts of money to his priests in hope to be saved by their god. They expect to be delivered after their death to a certain place called Paradise, where they will be able to wait for the so called Final Judgement without being reborn even once in milenia—though in my opinion, the prospect of resurrection with the body you die with doesn’t look like ‘salvation’. ☺


It seems very unlikely that such a criminal and hypocrite god as Jesus Christs could save anybody, even himself. However, it must feel very comfortable to believe that you will be saved despite all your villainies.

Therefore, the majority of Europeans choose Christianity—living by its easy and unburdening rules.

Only the strong and courageous decide to take up the challenge of not kneeling in front of anybody, not allowing themselves to commit turpitudes without paying for them, being responsible for their decisions and actions.

To be Euronian is too hard, isn’t it?

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I am now as before a Catholic and will always remain so.

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