Letter to Tony Blair concerning the London tube explosions

11 07 2005

Doesn’t Tony Blair feel guilty over the deaths in connection with the London explosions on 7th July 2005? What would he recommend to his compatriots if not Iraq, but Britain itself were occupied?

The circumstances

Since the beginning of the aggression against Iraq in 2003, the members of the so-called ‘coalition’ had been continuously scared that Iraqis or their Muslim allies could use force against the countries that sent their troops to support Iraq’s occupation. Since Muslims succeeded in persuading Spain to withdraw its occupational troops from Iraq by blowing up several trains in Madrid, it was absolutely obvious that it was Britain’s turn then.

For some time, the British special services succeeded in preventing would-be exploders; it was clear, however, that earlier or later the militant Muslims would inevitably realise their intentions. Therefore, barely anybody was surprised when they managed to blow up the London tube stations on 7th July 2005.

However, the British politicians continuously demonstrated in public their indignation about the cruelty of the ‘terrorists’ and, which was quite strange, their surprise that such thing could have happened.

The reasons for this letter

The distinctive feature of the occupation of Iraq in 2003 was the fact that the occupants lost only few soldiers, whereas tens (if not hundreds) of thousands Iraqis were slaughtered. Even now, thousands of peaceful people are still continuously dying in Iraq because the US and its accomplices have destroyed virtually all Iraq’s infrastructure and they are preventing from establishment any government that would be able to ensure a legitimate public order.

It is obvious that the continuous massacre carried out by the armed forces of the so-called ‘allies’ and the local collaborators have turned many Iraqis into mortal enemies of the US, Britain and possibly all the other members of the ‘coalition’. Though the Iraqis have no chance against the conventional and nuclear weapons of the occupants, it would be strange if they did not dream of delivering any possible justice to the torturers and murderers of their loved ones.

It is difficult to imagine what kind of justice can Iraqis afford besides what they have achieved in Madrid and London. What else can they choose? Serving like slaves the bloody occupants, who are stealing Iraq’s oil?

After all, not only Muslims are used to pay their debts of honour. Historically, the Christian culture has always been the most cruel in the world. Remember the Second World War – how many German civilians were ruthlessly murdered by the winners by the end of the war, seemingly, in order to take vengeance on the German nation for all the crimes by the Nazis and SS!

Only during the Dresden massacre on 13th February 1944, the military air force of Britain itself murdered tens of thousands of peaceful Germans, mostly women and children, by bombing with incendiary and chemical bombs a city where practically there was no military object. And this was committed at the time when Germany virtually had already lost the war!

Therefore, I was astonished by the indignation and especially surprise at the London explosions that was demonstrated by Mr Tony Blair in public. Of course, it is a great shame that innocent people die, and the grief of their relatives and friends must be respected; however it looked so strange when Tony Blair was so indignant and surprised at the deaths of a couple of dozens of his compatriots after the killers in British military uniforms had slaughtered thousands of peaceful Iraqis within several years and had turned not a pair of subway stations, but the entire Iraq into a land of poverty, despair and never ending murder.

What else did Mr Tony Blair expect? Aren’t the organisers and performers of the aggression against Iraq the actual perpetrators of the Londoners’ deaths?

I got curious about what Mr Tony Blair would recommend to his compatriots to do if they were in Iraqis’ shoes, so I decided to ask him personally by sending a letter by registered post. I hoped that Mr Tony Blair would have enough abilities and imagination to answer my questions. I also thought that Prime Minister of Britain should reply to a registered letter...

The letter

Vilnius, Lithuania
Tony Blair
Prime Minister

Downing Street 10,

11th July, 2005

Dear Mr Blair,

Please answer my two following questions.

1. Do you have any feelings of personal guilt over the deaths of your compatriots at the London explosions of the 7th July, 2005?

2. What course of action would you recommend to your compatriots if Iraq had an advantage over the UK in terms of technology, and if Iraq had occupied the UK and Iraqis now were torturing, sodomizing and murdering the British citizens, and making them live the way Iraqis do, and Iraq papers were publishing photos of the British Queen in underwear, etc.?

Thank you in advance

Kind regards
Giedrius Šarkanas


No response of course ☺.

Wasn’t the cheery Tony the principal culprit of it?

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