United States – the phantom menace

09 09 2005

With the assistance of the CIA, the US controls many countries of the world. If the unpredictable American ‘democracy’ brings to power intelligent fanatics, it will be extremely difficult for mankind to curb US aggression.


Which part of the war crimes and the crimes against humanity committed by the US military, contractors and special agents are photographed or filmed, and the world gets aware of them?

60-100 percent

30-60 percent

10-30 percent

1-10 percent

Less than one percent

The United States often depicts itself as the most democratic country round the world, in which human rights are fully secured.

The US invests a lot in advertising itself. It finances scores of TV programmes in hundreds of states, pays tens of thousands of culture, democracy, politics, etc. pundits via different funds for publicly praising the US as the champion of peace, justice, democracy and human rights.

US propaganda has little in common with reality

Well paid American propaganda films and programmes never mention some inconvenient facts that can make impression that the US is anything but democracy.

Not so much time has passed since the genocide of Indians was being executed in the US. Black Americans still feel discriminated; persecution of Muslims has become an everyday occurrence, many of them have already emigrated.

Racism seems to be a national tradition of Americans, and, together with aggression, it can become again the basic principle of the US.

How will look the prospects of mankind when the US army, already accustomed to scot-free murdering of peaceful civilians, and the almighty CIA pass into control of cold-blooded fanatics possessing IQ’s considerably higher than 78?

After all, it was so difficult to build up a functional coalition even against Hitler, who generally was honest enough and did not conceal his true intentions.

The ‘democracy’ exported by the US normally turns into massacres of unarmed people and genocide. The US special services often financially and technically support the world’s most horrible criminals, such as Khmer Rouge and their leader Pol Pot.

The power and influence of the US is growing

The US unceremoniously exploits its influence while ruthlessly robbing weaker countries (Lithuania has already experienced this), and hardly anybody dares protest publicly.

The US is the mightiest contry round the world in military, economic and technological terms; therefore, its influence on international politics and the fates of separate countries is still growing.

After the breakdown of the Soviet Union, there are only few states left in the world that could dare challenge the US politically; any organised economic or military action against the US seems unfeasible. By intimidation, economic pressure, bribery or trivial personal blackmail, the US can subdue the governments of the most countries in the whole world.

US special services control many countries

The US army and the CIA directly or via their foreign agencies, NATO and various funds organise and finance special courses and professional training for young army, police and intelligence officers from many countries, even from some openly hostile to the US.

A couple of instructors, specially prepared by the CIA, usually teach there, and such courses are the best possible environment for indoctrination, collection of compromising material and recruiting of future intelligence agents.

Therefore, it often happens that even in the countries that do not declare their faithfulness to Americans, the army, intelligence and counterintelligence services are commanded by CIA agents or at least by people who entirely sympathise with the US.

Usually these people organise and head coups d’état or so called ‘orange revolutions’, which bring to power governments that are slavishly submissive to Americans.

The CIA terrorises the world, as also witnessed by Lithuania

The heads of the national security of many countries periodically visit the US for consultations and frequently spend months there. Consequently it often happens that their agencies first of all defend not the national interests of their homelands, but rather the American ones.

For instance, even a superficial analysis of the actions of Lithuanian special agencies during the privatisation process of the Lithuanian oil refinery in 1998 and during the political turmoil of 2004 that resulted in the former American citizen Valdas Adamkus replacing Rolandas Paksas as President of Lithuania, makes a strong impression that Lithuanian security services are directly commanded from the US, their leaders are personally accountable to Americans, and the main function of the Lithuanian Committee of National Security is securing the interests of the US and Americans against Lithuania and Lithuanians.

The number of countries where CIA agents are behaving like bosses is still growing. Now not only in Asia and Africa, but also in Europe, they can afford abducting people, transporting them round the world, torturing and murdering them. These days, CIA agents always go unpunished in spite of the law and public opinion.

The US is becoming a real threat to the world

If Americans subdue China and Russia, they will become uncontrollable masters of the Earth. Because of the US policy traditions of the last century, also racism, religious fanaticism, greediness and aggression flourishing there, the looming unrestrained domination by the US looks like a global tragedy.

Americans are already exploiting their dominating position to undermine world wide political initiatives, for example, the Kyoto protocol aimed at averting climate change, which has become a spectacle of idle declarations since the US decided not to ratify it.

As a result of the still unpunished US aggressions in Grenade, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq, even the UN Charter and international law have become pure toys of American propaganda – a stack of pathetic texts without any moral authority.

A great part of the US history consists of conquers; recent American occupations show that the US is ready again to capture new territories and strategic natural resources by military means.

Therefore, most people already consider the US to be the most serious threat to peace and security in the world.

The situation can get much worse

The recent re-election of Bush gives a new meaning to the popular saying ‘Everybody can become president of America’ – the US ‘democracy’ can turn in any direction and one day serious Nazis can come to power.

It is possible that Bush, Rice and Rumsfeld can be replaced in their office by people with similar or even lower moral values, yet with normal intellectual abilities.

What will happen if it corresponds with further acceleration of US influence? How will the prospects of mankind look when the US army, already accustomed to scot-free murdering of peaceful civilians, and the almighty CIA come under control of cold-blooded fanatics possessing IQ considerably higher than 78?

After all, it was so difficult to build up a functional coalition even against Hitler, who generally was honest enough and did not conceal his actual intentions.

What do you think about it?

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