The West continued Mohammad Ata’s mission making September 11 triumph of jihad

24 01 2006

After 9/11 attack, the West under Bush’s command achieved all its objectives: inflated its importance, frightened Westerners, convinced radical Muslims that they are powerful, advertised Al-Qaeda, compromised democracy.

11th September, 2001, turned into a victory for radical Muslims, but it did not repeat in Beslan

The terrorists of the September 11 could die being certain for the future, US president Bush himself continued their mission.
George W. Bush

On 1st September, 2004, about thirty Muslim extremists took more than 1200 children and adults hostage in a school in the Russian town of Beslan in North Ossetia. Two days later, more than three hundred people, the majority of whom were children, were killed during a gunfight between the terrorists and Russian security forces.

The Beslan attack took many human lives too; more terrorists participated there than on September 11 in the US; apparently, so many people died first of all because of the course of action chosen by Russian counterterrorist forces; finally, unlike their American counterparts, the Beslan terrorists were pursuing a clear objective (the independence of Chechnya); however the Beslan attack did not considerably change anything in the world nor in Russia.

The Russian president Putin did not depict the Beslan school siege as an event that had to change history. The Russian government did everything possible to veil the political underpinning of the tragedy, and now the world has almost forgotten the Beslan crisis.

After the World Trade Centre was destroyed, the West (first of all, the US) did it just the other way round. Westerners inflated the importance of September 11 as such and advertised it in the whole world by all the possible means.

Mohammad Ata and his team could not overcome the entire West all by themselves

The attack of September 11 became one of the biggest victories of the radical Islam over the West not only because of the self-sacrifice of Mohammad Ata and his comrades. Its success was determined by the strange reaction of the US and their allies (especially, Britain).

In comparison with the murder traditions of the US and other Western countries, the destroying of the World Trade Centre was just a tiny episode in the world’s history of violence. There were only few thousands of victims – a very small number comparing to the amounts of people that now are murdered every year by the US army and special services.

How ever brave Mohammad Ata and his friends were, it is clear that they alone (even with the moral and terrorist help of all the world’s Muslims) could not make the whole West tremble against Islamic extremists.

The cause of their success has to be looked for elsewhere.

Bush’s government gave September 11 the status of a considerable victory against the US and the whole Western world

Radical Muslims had often attacked various American military and political objects, such as military bases, ships, embassies, etc. However, with the exception of the Iran hostage crisis, this was perceived as small scale attacks against US citizens, separate objects, militaries and so on.

The same could have happened with September 11; however, it was depicted by the US president Bush and later by all the Western media as a very serious strike on the US and the whole West, an event of worldwide importance, which had to change the course of history.

We know now that Bush had planned to occupy Iraq and capture its oil resources long before September 11. By disproportionately inflating the importance of destroying the World Trade Centre, he created a justification for later occupations of independent countries.

However, while pursuing their personal objectives, the US government not only recognised, but also induced and advertised to the whole world that as few as nineteen decisive Muslims had considerably wounded the armed to its teeth US and the entire Western civilisation.

The West itself created the atmosphere of panic fear of Islam

After the fatal September 11, the media was overwhelmed by the pictures of airliners crashing into the New York Twin Towers, smoking ruins and many Americans shaking with fear.

Bush’s administration did its best to maintain such spirits of the media and the fear against terrorism turned into one of the main principles of American public life. The US government for a long time was inciting the mass hysteria by organising special forces for handling chemical attacks and other similar threats and, of course, broadcasting their training on TV, by constantly declaring various states of emergency, etc.

At the end, with the assistance of the world media, which also turned the events of September 11 (as any other event that has taken lives of Americans (not Muslims or other people alike)) into mass hysteria, the governments of Anglo-Saxon countries together with the European Union created West-wide terrorism paranoia.

The endless public statements by Bush turned the fear of terrorism into a daily routine of most Americans, and the US society sank into a hysteria that could resemble the pre-Holocaust German anti-Semitism or McCarthy’s anti-communism.

Bush needed to frighten his compatriots to death to make them approve of his plans to occupy Iraq. In these terms, creating the terrorism paranoia paid off perfectly; however, this fear was one of the main objectives of Mohammad Ata an his comrades. Even the word ‘terrorism’ means a mode of fight that aims to put the enemy into a panic fear and thus make him behave in the way you need. Intimidating their enemies was the maximum objective that the terrorists of September 11 could realistically dream of.

So, it was the West, led by Bush, that did everything to achieve the main objective of the terrorists – fear, under the impact of which the US forgot rational thinking and policy, and the radical Islam started to feel itself as a world power.

Fear provoked Muslims to fight against the West

Only few still remember now the Six-Day war in 1967 or the October war in 1973 when Israel smashed united Arab forces. Perhaps it looks natural now for many Westerners, however, these were not only national tragedies, but also bitter historical lessons for millions of Muslims.

The lost wars against Israel cooled the determination of the Islamic world to fight against the West by military means for many years. By cunningly exploiting the depressive state of mind of many orthodox Muslims, in the most important Islamic countries, the US managed to bring to power fully obedient governments (Iran – one of the few exceptions).

The memories of the shameful defeats haunted Muslims for many decades, and only few fanatic (like Osama bin Laden or Mullah Omar) were still trying to raise Islam into a holy war against Christians and the whole Western culture.

It was Bush’s administration that reversed the psychological situation to the benefit of Muslim extremists. By maintaining the fear of terrorism, it showed to the world of Islam that as few as nineteen Muslims armed with box-cutter knives were able to shake the entire West.

By continuously blabbering from the TV screen about ‘world terrorism’, Bush and his followers finally convinced Muslims that the almighty West was seriously fearing a handful of extremists hiding in the mountains of Afghanistan.

Now, every radical Muslim who has decided to devote their life to fighting against the West knows that their self-sacrifice will not be in vain.

Certainly, this inspired Muslims and encouraged them into a new jihad against the US, Iarael an the whole West. Nothing inspires so much as the fear shown by your enemy.

No doubt, at the moment of their death, Mohammad Ata and his comrades hoped that their sacrifice would inspire all the Muslims and Muslims around the world would forget former defeats. The Western leaders themselves have achieved this objective too by doing their best to convince Muslims that they are feared so much, that Muslims can easily make all the arrogant Westerners-Christians tremble by acting in little groups or even individually.

Now, every radical Muslim who has decided to devote their life to fighting against the West knows that their self-sacrifice will not be in vain. (This knowing was even more supported by Hezbollah, which managed to withstand a military conflict against Israel for more than a month in the summer 2006. Hezbollah could not win the war and did not win it, but Hezbollah has demonstrated to the Islamic world that Muslims can successfully fight even against Israel. So Hezbollah has further continued the mission of Mohammad Ata.)

The worldwide network of Islamic extremists was advertised and, thereby, created

In 2001, Al-Quaeda was still a minor organisation uniting few small groups of weakly organised extremists.

However, after destroying of the World Trade Centre, Bush started to depict Al-Quaeda as a powerful, perfectly organised union of Islamic fighters from many countries, an organisation that had to be feared and that had to be destroyed at any price .

Osama bin Laden was depicted as an extremely mighty warrior, killing of whom worth issuing ultimatums to Afghanistan and Iraq, occupying Afghanistan and chasing him in the mountains for many years.

This yielded fruit immediately. Inspired by the images of bin Laden and ‘world terrorism’ that were created by Americans, Muslims from various countries started joining Al-Quaeda and other movements of radical Islam and many new anti-Western organisations were established.

All this notwithstanding, terrorism was further advertised for many years after the fatal September 11. After every new act of terror, the media demonstrated how it made the Westerners shake with fear again.

Even unsuccessful attacks were advertised and, therefore, made into victories of radical Muslims. For instance, when the terrorist who was trying to blow up an airliner with the bomb hidden in his shoe was arrested, the world media spent nearly a month continuously spinning it, and security checks were considerably tightened in airports. So, even though Richard Reid did not manage to explode his bomb, he seriously frightened the West, provoked the introduction of a state of emergency and doomed millions of Christian air passengers to even more humiliating security procedures. Thus, the West is demonstrating again and again that even unsuccessful terror acts achieve their objectives – to make millions of coward Westerners-Christians shake with fear against the Islamic fighters and, therefore, approach the main aim of jihad – Islam’s domination in the world.

The exaggeration of Al-Qaeda’s threat was designed to serve as the justification of the occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq; however, such US’s policy played the principal role in achieving one of the main objectives of Osama bin Laden – to show that his organisation is a power capable to resist the West. By carrying out bin Laden’s plans, the West itself (the US, NATO, the European Union and first of all, of course, Bush) made Al-Qaeda more and more popular among Muslims thus contributing to its developing into a worldwide organisation (alongside with many other extremist Muslim movements).

The US destroyed the myth about Western democracy as a form of government based on human rights and impartial justice

The world status of ‘liberal democracy’ reached its peak after the breakdown of the Soviet Union. Hardly anybody dared to air any doubts about democracy’s superiority over all the other forms of government.

The myth about the West’s superiority over all the other cultures, which the US has been building and advertising for centuries, served Americans in forcing the Islamic world into submission.

At the end of the twentieth century, millions of Muslims were studying in American and European universities, and many of them were charmed by the Christian Western civilisation. The pompous declarations about human rights, the rule of law, the right to freedom of faith and conscience often impressed the young Muslims, and many of them became sincere supporters and admirers of the West. With the helping hand of American and British special services, pro-Western Muslims took the highest positions in many Islamic countries; openly pro-American governments came to power in Saudi Arabia, Jordan and many other Muslim states.

However, having sunk into frustration and paranoia after September 11, Americans forgot for some time to pretend religious toleration and impartial justice. Bush’s administration immediately exploited the new excuse to circumvent the former respect for basic human rights and freedoms, and American Muslims lost their rights as people and citizens.

Immediately after the destroying of the World Trade Centre, a wave of pogroms spread through the US, Muslims were persecuted, beaten on the street, some of them disappeared without trace.

Provoked by September 11, Americans started treating Muslims like Nazis treated Jews in the middle of the Thirties.

The US government did not hurry to act, and many Muslims, especially of Pakistan or Afghanistan origin, had to emigrate to Canada or other countries.

Muslims lost their procedural rights. In Guantanamo and other specialised CIA gaols, as well as in the US itself, Americans started treating them as animals or even worse.

Finally, special downright humiliating entry procedures were introduced for people from Islamic countries.

In other words, provoked by September 11, Americans started treating Muslims like Nazis treated Jews in the middle of the Thirties. The media swiftly informed the world about it, and hundreds of millions of Muslims around the globe understood that all the US’s declarations about freedom and equal rights were brazen propaganda, that in reality Americans despise Muslims, consider them to be second sort people, just like Nazis perceived non-Arians.

Thus, shortly after the fatal September 11, the US had demonstrated such an injustice towards Muslims, that most followers of Islam were bitterly disappointed and even disgusted not only with the US, but also with the very myth about the Western democracy.

Thereby, the ideological counterbalance to the Islamic fundamentalism was destroyed. Disenchanted with the Western values, Muslims around the globe started again to follow sharia, as sincere (not pretended) principles of life.

The terrorists of September 11 were hardly planning that, as a result of their attack, the entire Western ideology would be undermined, however, they had spent a couple of years in the West and had seen the real attitudes of Westerners towards Muslims, so they could hope that their destroying of the World Trade Centre would provoke the US to show its true face behind the mask of freedom, human rights and impartial justice.

The occupation of Iraq – a triumph of Islamic fundamentalists

The lies about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction undermined the moral authority of the US and Britain; the occupation of Iraq hit the fatal blow to the prestige of the Western democracy and the West itself.

During Iraq’s occupation, the actual attitudes of the governments of the US and its allies towards Muslims were demonstrated one more time. First of all, Americans cynically showed how low they actually value the lives of Muslim Iraqis. The US soldiers received downright ridiculously mild sentences for torture of Iraqis or cruel murders of civilians; whereas everybody who had contributed to the deaths of Americans had to die.

The relatives of the victims of September 11 attacks were awarded millions of US dollars in compensation, whereas the relatives of the Iraqis murdered by Americans could feasibly expect compensations of the size that in US terms resembled charity.

Compared to popular TV programs about animal care in the US, it looks that Americans recognise similar rights to Iraqis as to American dogs and horses.

Finally, the occupation of Iraq has showed what the US has on its mind when it is imposing ‘democracy’ to other countries. All the elections in Iraq so far have resembled a satiric comedy, – it was absolutely clear that they were going to result in a government fully submissive to the US.

American democracy in Iraq resulted in poverty, pain and genocide; therefore, it turned into an object of mockery for most Muslims (and not only Muslims).

As the destroying of the World Trade Centre served as the main justification to the aggression, Iraq’s occupation should be considered the greatest achievement of Mohammad Ata. It is unlikely that Ata expected to provoke a direct US’s aggression against Iraq; anyway, thanks to the American and British governments, the dream of all the Islamic extremists became reality, – Iraq became not only a training course for Islam fighters, but also a perfect pretext for mobilising Muslims from around the globe for an armed fight against the West.

The US itself continued Mohammad Ata’s mission


Remember the support of the entire world that the US enjoyed after the fatal September 11.
How could it happen that Bush and Blair, who brought the world into the current crisis, were even reelected?

There is no crisis now

It was an accident

The Anglo-Saxon democracy is not able any longer to bring to power competent leaders who could successfully tackle the problems of the 21st century

Evidently, September 11 has turned to a great victory of radical Islam thanks to the reaction of the West, and the main role was played by the US, which has lately got used to imposing its will on all the so called Western countries.

The US president Bush created terrorism paranoia and later used it to justify the violations of human rights, the persecutions of Muslims, the capture of control over Iraq’s oil and the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Afghanis and Iraqis.

Of course, a great deal of guilt lies with the European Union, which humbly followed the American policy and with the most influential countries of the British Commonwealth (British Prime Minister Tony Blair was most prominent among others with his humble personal devotedness to Bush); however, the decisive role in promoting Islamic extremism was played by the government of the US and its sadly famous leader.

Perhaps George Bush Junior was the most important member of Mohammad Ata’s team, who made an act of terror into a historical Islam’s victory against the West.


Who has done more for radical Islam, Mohammad Ata or Gorge W. Bush?

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