September 11, 2001, became Islam’s great victory against the whole West

03 01 2007

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The September 11 attacks resulted in consolidation of radical Islam, advance of Al-Quaeda and similar Muslim organisations. 9/11 made the West live in constant fear of Islam, turned Western countries into police states.

The attacks against the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon – the most successful terrorist operation in Islam’s history

On September 11, 2001, nineteen young members of a radical Muslim organisation Al-Qaeda under command of Muhammad Ata as-Sayyid hijacked four American airliners.

They flew two of the airliners into the World Trade Centre in New York, – both of its buildings collapsed taking almost 3000 human lives (mostly civilians).

Did Muhammad Ata expect that his attack would turn into such a great victory of Islam?
Muhammad Ata

The third airliner was directed and crashed into the Pentagon (the building of the US defence ministry), – the death toll was more than one hundred of US military staff.

The fourth plane did not reach its target and crashed in a field taking the lives of everyone on board.

To put it short, it took as few as nineteen young Muslims to attack successfully the Pentagon and the World Trade Centre – the buildings that were symbols of the US and the entire West and that were under protection of the world’s mightiest military power.

(The World Trade Centre was not just an object with many civilians as US and similar propaganda sometimes states clearly in order to depict Muhammad Ata’s team as brutal murderers. Radical Muslims had previously many times declared that they were considering the World Trade Centre to be the main symbol of the West’s aggression against Islam and sworn that they would destroy it sooner or later.)

Apart from propaganda, the attack of September 11 was a serious political undertaking with a deep symbolic meaning

Though the governments of the US and its allies present the destruction of the World Trade Centre as a criminal act of international aggression, from the point of view of radical Muslims, September 11 was just one of many military actions in the holy war that Islam is waging against Christianity and Western civilisation, which is suppressing Muslims around the world.

The pro-American media is trying to depict Muhammad Ata and his friends as miserable murderers of peaceful civilians; however, they attacked what they perceived first of all as the headquarters of the anti-Islamic West, – the discriminatory Western (Christian) policy of international trade and investment is often considered to be the principal means of suppressing Islamic states economically and preventing them from fully enjoying their advantages of crude oil resources.

On the fatal September 11, the group of nineteen not only murdered thousands of civilians, but they also sacrificed their own lives. This made millions of Muslims admire them.

How as few as nineteen Muslims with box-cutter knives could defeat the entire Western world despite its huge arsenals of nuclear and conventional weapons, nanotechnologies, space shuttles and countless other resources and advantages?

(Not only Muslims, – most people admire those who sacrifice themselves for their ideals, no matter what these ideals are. For instance, Che Guevara is admired by millions regardless of their political attitudes. He is admired not as a revolutionary, but as a man who lived and died for his ideals.)

The members of Muhammad Ata’s squad did not just murder innocent civilians, they pursued a clear political objective – to change the balance of power in their favour, so that Christians could not impose their will on the world of Islam, – they wanted to demonstrate the determination of Muslims to fight for their rights and international status and to sacrifice their lives for this.

September 11 provoked events and processes that helped radical Islam to consolidate

Destroying of World Trade Centre unleashed many political and social processes that played straight into the hand of Muslim extremists. First of all, the media around the world started to pay them a lot of attention and radical Muslims began to feel themselves as a power that must be respected.

Another, perhaps the greatest achievement of Muhammad Ata was the US’s determination to occupy Afghanistan and, especially, Iraq. The occupations of these Muslim countries later undermined all the myths about Western democracy, justice, sovereignty, etc. – the myths that served as successful ideological counterbalance to many ideas of the Islamic fundamentalism.

Finally, the violations of human rights and persecutions of Muslims in the US, which turned into mass murders in Afghanistan and Iraq, turned the extremists into warriors fighting for the rights of all Muslims, into martyrs, who are persecuted because of their faith.

September 11 mobilised Islam around the world

Whatever the governments of the US and Britain would say, after September 11 Al-Qaeda became Islam’s most popular organisation. Osama bin Laden became the main symbol of the fight for the rights of all Muslims though hardly anybody had heard about him before the World Trade Centre was destroyed.

Countless cells of Al-Qaeda, now supported by many Muslims, have been founded in almost all the countries of the world; the influence of many other organisations of radical Islam has also increased considerably. Before September 11, there were only a couple of countries that had to be cautious about possible terrorist attacks, now Islamic terrorists are feared almost everywhere.

The authority and influence of the states of radical Islam have increased around the world; as well as their political determination. Probably, Iran will create atomic weapons and consolidate around itself the majority of all the Shiites in the near future.

Thus, over few years after September 11, radical Islam became a serious power; the militant Muslim organisations from separate cells of extremists developed into a tremendous centralised structure, which is evidently winning the psychological war against the almighty West.

The US and their allies are living in fear

After the fatal September 11, the West has changed beyond recognition. Many Westerners are now living in a constant fear of terrorists.


Who has turned September 11, 2001, into Islam’s great victory against the West?

Muhammad Ata

Islamic extremists

The West

They all were working as one team

I do not think 9/11 resulted in any considerable victory of Islam

All the states that have taken part in the occupation of Iraq are waiting for possible attacks of radical Muslims. Airports, nuclear power stations, big factories and other important objects are intensively guarded.

Whatever the US government would declare, it seems that Muslim extremists have succeeded in frightening Americans and their NATO allies to death.

Another source of fear is war. The occupations of the Islamic states Afghanistan and Iraq have become major problems for America and Europe. That means not only billions of military spending and hundreds of thousands of dead; Afghanistan and Iraq mean hopeless fear of inevitable defeat.

Western countries have turned into police states

September 11 made security into the number one priority in the US and other Western countries. Various procedures of personal identification are created in panic fear of Islam terrorists, every day there are fewer and fewer places you can enter without any document.

The airport security procedures have become downright humiliating; also in many other places Westerners have to accustom themselves to various meticulous checks, queries, inspections and other similar security rituals.

Finally, the number of monitoring cameras and phone tapping points has soared recently. Americans and, especially, Britons are watched in almost every street; their phones are tapped by various secret services, which are steadily snooping on everyone’s everyday life.

So, all the blabbering about the Western freedom and human rights now sounds downright ridiculously, – the Western democracies have become police states dominated by countless special services.

Did Muhammad Ata and his friends alone manage to defeat the West?

Thus, now it is clear that September 11 has turned into a real victory for Islamic extremism. But how as few as nineteen Muslims with box-cutter knives could defeat the entire Western world despite its huge arsenals of nuclear and conventional weapons, nanotechnologies, space shuttles and countless other resources and advantages?

Did the later attacks of other Muslims play the decisive role here? – Unlikely. Was not it the West itself that continued the mission of Muhammad Ata and his team?


Were they so genial or was the West so foolish?

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