Democracy – a word that means nothing

04 05 2005

The word ‘democracy’ has lost his original meaning – the rule of people – and turned into an ordinary propaganda symbol, with which the US and its humble ‘allies’ justify conquers, mass murders and trivial stealing from weaker countries.

Democracy is a popular symbol

The word ‘democracy’ (the rule of the people) originated in ancient Greece. The official ideologies of the world’s richest countries recognise democracy as an unquestionable value – the only just political regime.

In the world history, there have already been scores of various countries that called themselves democracies. Now almost every country declares itself a democracy, including the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea).


What is the US democracy most similar to?

To governing of all the citizens

To governing of few groups that in exptional cases take into account the opinion of the majority of the citizens

To a spectacle of democracy played by few really governing groups of Freemasons

The countries of North America and West Europe sponsor huge amounts of propaganda that presents them as champions of democracy. Other countries are urged, intimidated or even forced to copy their constitutional and legal arrangements.

However, besides the humble ‘allies’ of the US in Europe and Asia and the media and various organisations they sponsor round the world, not so many reckon the US a true democracy. Even a considerable part of Americans are convinced that the US is not governed democratically. The political game of the two parties can be interpreted as an illusion of people’s rule created by few closed groups of Freemasons that in fact unrestrictedly dictate to the US.

A similar impression can be created by the democracies of Britain and Japan.

‘Democracy’ – the best justification for extermination of inconvenient nations and mass murder

Many western democrats have once carried out ethnic cleansing as an integral part of democracy building in the territories of the once independent nations they had conquered. For instance, Indians were exterminated in the US, Scottish Highlanders – in Britain.

Even now, democracy building still is the best justification for plundering and slaughter of unarmed people. As shown by the aggressions in Vietnam, Cambodia, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq, – the US, NATO and other ‘worldwide champions of democracy’ are always ready to kill hundreds of thousands in order to bring to power a fully submissive government.

As shown by the occupation of Iraq, ‘fight for democracy’ is a convenient excuse for special agencies of the US and its ‘allies’ for killing their enemies and a perfect occasion for satisfying the sadistic needs of the militaries of the US and Britain.

‘Democracy’ – the best justification for stealing from the weak

It is easy to notice that ‘western democracy’ is usually imposed on countries with abundant natural resources, and consequently the management of the resources is captured by companies of ‘democracy champions’. For most developing countries, it means that a great part of their national property passes into ownership of Americans or their most faithful ‘allies’.

Lithuania has also been robbed in this way when an American company privatised the Lithuanian oil refinery ‘Mažeikiu nafta’ by means of political blackmail.

So, by those who are in full control of international discourse – the US and their so-called ‘allies’, ‘democracy’ is considered a magic word, capable of justifying murder, plundering and even a trivial theft.

What do you think about it?

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