Christianity – Christians conquered the world thanks to their blatant immorality

08 04 2006

Christianity spread around the world so rapidly because Christians did not hesitate to resort to any vileness. For a long time, Christians not only were champions of treachery, they also were world famous for their intolerance and inhuman cruelty.


Which cross is worthier to serve as the universal historical symbol of vileness, cruelty and crime?


The Christian cross
The Christian cross

Both of them have deserved it

None of the two has deserved it

Christians are the biggest religious group in the world, and they often present this as the proof of Christianity’s moral superiority.

Christians, especially Catholics, often claim to have created the most progressive religious-philosophical system, which is capable of uniting all the other religions. Their numerous theologians, ideology-makers and philosophers frequently claim that Christians have created the most advanced ethics and morality, which should be adopted by the entire mankind.

Utter vileness of Medieval Christians made their expansion so successful

Hundreds of conquers have already taken place in the human history, lots of various religions have been invented, but, in terms of treacherousness and cruelty, only few could equal Christianity during the period of its expansion.

Obviously, morality was strange to Christians at the time. Not so long ago, morality meant to Christians loyalty to the church and unconditional submission to its clerics, who exercised the formal power to condone practically every crime.

Therefore, Christians practically did not have any moral constraints in their relations with non-Christians, perhaps with the exception of Jews, who prayed to the same god. In contrast, morality did not depend on others’ faith for most non-Christians.

Treachery was the principal weapon of Christianity

Always all the non-Christian nations have considered the immunity of envoys and guests to be inviolable; they could not even suspect that Christians were so immoral that they did not respect this ancient tradition, and Christians many times cynically benefited from this.

The standard scenario of christening a new country was as follows – non-Christian leaders were meeting with Christians, who had given them all the possible security guarantees, for a negotiation, then Christians attacked and murdered them. The country left without its leaders was quickly conquered, its submissive inhabitants were converted into Christians, the non-obedient were murdered  – so an ordinary country was ‘baptised’.

Such a scenario was repeated many times in the history of Christianity; its most famous example is the ‘miraculously’ rapid conquer of Aztecs and Incas. The same tactic was broadly used during the genocide of American Indians in the US.

By the way, Lithuanians suffered a similar fate, the only difference was that the Christian hero Jogaila was officially baptised when he already had treacherously murdered Kęstutis.


Do you know any either religious or non-religious organisation the crimes and treacheries of which could resemble at least a tenth of the crimes and treacheries committed by the Roman Catholic Church?

Yes, I do

No, I do not

Anyway, their course was just

Methods similar to that described above were also used by Christians in their internal wars. Catholics were world famous for their treachery for a long time; depravity of some popes passed into legend.

By means of shameless treachery, Catholics murdered Jan Hus, same applies to the Massacre of Bartholomew’s Day when most of the leaders of Huguenots were perfidiously murdered and later practically all the French Protestants were ruthlessly exterminated, etc.

For a long time, the history of the Catholic Church virtually consisted of treachery and cruelty.

During many centuries, there was no place for tolerance and human dignity among Christians

The very notion of tolerance, which constitutes the basis of the modern morality, was strange to Christians few centuries ago. Christian countries were astonishingly homogeneous religiously; some of them persecuted even Jews. When Christians came to power, others had to be baptised, emigrate or die.

Most often, being baptised was not enough  – people were required to humiliate themselves in front of almighty Christian clerics. Retaining any human dignity, living by conscience and morality could result in death from the hand of an inquisitor or other Christian executioner.

Christians were famous for their inhuman cruelty

Though continuously speaking about love and mercy, in practice Christians were famous for their cruelty. Genocide was their main method of dealing with the defeated. When Christians conquered non-Christian countries, they often slaughtered the vast majority of their inhabitants.

The same frequently happened to the Christians defeated in religious wars, especially, if the winners were Catholics. For example, Catholics slaughtered almost all Albigensians, Byzantines, Hussites and French Protestants.

Christians formally did not approve of human sacrifice, but in fact they have sacrificed hundreds of millions of decent people to their god. Even worse, the victims that were offered to the Christian god were usually burnt alive or tortured to death while non-Christians simply killed them.

Christian have forgiven themselves for everything

Contemporary Christians are used to justifying the countless crimes of their predecessors with a banal phrase ‘Such were the times’.

However, in all the times, most nations and religions followed the basic principles of humanity, which nowadays are recognised even by many Christians themselves – ‘Such were the times’ because Christians were terrorising the world.

Anyway, Christians hope that they are forgiven for their crimes as they always forgive themselves.

What do you think about it?

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