Bush and ordinary Americans – Nazi methods are of little use against Nazism

08 04 2005

Some opposers of Bush give vent to their anger on Americans travelling abroad. They want Nazism and aggression stop growing in the US, yet they achieve the opposite – making them even stronger.

Respect for the US in the world is declining

233 million Americans did not vote for him
Bush apologizes

The US has got into the habit of starting a new act of aggression in every couple of years. US presidents, famous for their limited intellectual abilities, think that they may begin a new war in every case they need to divert attention away from their inability to cope with economic problems. Thus, entire states are being destroyed; hundreds of thousands of peaceful people are being killed for vague reasons.

More and more people reckon the US to be a serious threat to peace on Earth, because its policy – driven by vague economic and political motives – makes more and more countries obtain nuclear weapons, and more and more of once peaceful Muslims rally around the most militant leaders. Therefore, more and more people on Earth want to stop the aggression of Bush’s United States before it is too late, before it has used to ignore completely all the remaining world.

Racial discrimination is returning to the US. Basic human rights there again increasingly depend on the skin colour; US courts of law give sentences for the murders of Iraqis that reflect the actual US views towards the value of non-American life. Therefore, the US is becoming like Germany in the early thirties, as it was the case during the Vietnam War, and it is again identified with Nazism throughout the world.

By re-electing Bush, the Americans have demonstrated that they approve of his policy and they have taken on responsibility for the deeds of both Bush and the US military. Therefore, respect for the US is rapidly declining.

Many Americans experience that others despise them just because they are Americans. Throughout the world, the growing indignation over the US is turning into more or less disguised disrespect and hostility – if not violence – towards its citizens.

Most Americans did not vote for Bush

Many people think that Bush, the US army and government going Nazi implies that every American deserves scorn and denunciation. Such reasoning has absolutely nothing to do with logic. Having US citizenship does not strictly imply supporting the US policy or voting for Bush. He won only 62 million votes at the election of 2004 – as many as 233 million Americans did not vote for Bush!

Identifying every American with the crimes committed in the name of the US is not only unjust – it is Nazi itself!

Electing their president, the US citizens, unlike their counterparts of most other countries, can actually choose from only two candidates. Even these two in their own turn are elected out of ‘ideologically correct’ Democrats or Republicans. Thus, John Kerry resembled Bush so much.

Therefore, identifying every American with any crimes committed in the name of the US is unfair. Moreover, it is Nazi itself! The very Bush argued in the same way when he was inventing the mystery of ‘international terrorism’. Hitler followed exactly the same logic assigning responsibility for Germany’s misfortunes to the whole Jewish nation instead of individual bankers and businessmen.

Nazi methods are ineffective against Nazism – Bush’s US and Hitler’s Germany

What is happening now in the US reminds us of Germany in the middle thirties. Undisguised Nazism, as we define it nowadays, was growing there gradually, throughout many years. Nobody was killing Jews in 1933 yet; however, the Nazis had already started to discriminate them.

At the beginning of Hitler’s rule the Jews were treated in Germany much like the dark-skinned Muslims are treated now in the US. 1933 was the year when the best Germans started leaving their homeland – those who had the potential for resisting the Nazis. Growing intolerance, the atmosphere of fear, aggression and violence, much like the current atmosphere in the US, urged them to emigrate.

Most Americans, who do not approve of the murders of Iraqis, perceive the victory of Bush at the presidential elections of 2004 as a defeat of decency, democracy and justice. The two-party US political system and lobbyist-controlled politicians make insignificant the chances that Bush’s opponents could considerably influence the policy of the US. As a result, most democratic and honest Americans, who feel personal responsibility for any crimes committed by the US army and the US government, can barely do anything to stop the degradation of their homeland.

Many Americans decide to emigrate and they apply for Canadian, Australian, New Zealand or any other citizenship. It is a very dangerous trend, because the influence of Bush and Nazism sympathizers continues to grow with every American leaving the US, which is caused by unbearable powerlessness and shame over their homeland.

Most of the political and social opposition to Bush is made up of liberal and cosmopolitan Americans, who understand that the US is nothing but one of many countries of the world. They travel more than any other Americans do. Bush’s opponents, who give vent to their hostility towards American tourists or business persons, therefore, are most likely to cause pain to the like-minded people, who are already distressed, lack moral support and possibly already considering prospects for renouncing US citizenship.

Therefore, the hostility and violence towards civil Americans, besides of being unjust, also contribute to consolidation of Nazism in the US thus facilitating the odds of the US repeating the old story of the Nazi Germany. To combat Nazism, some completely different measures are necessary.

Formal sanctions against the US are not feasible

It is difficult to imagine that democratic states in the near future would apply any serious sanctions against the US. Any politician, voluntary or political organization, government or even state, having decided to take any action against the US, would run the risk of being targeted on by the US special services, if not by the US army as the Hague international criminal court.

The American special agencies are notorious over the world for their capability of silencing any opponent of the US, even without resorting to assassination or military coup d’état. Simple blackmail is usually sufficient because reputation is crucial to the political career in democratic states. Even in the absence of compromising material, there always is a possibility of organizing a slander campaign through the local and the international media.

Moral economic sanctions – the only way to influence such states as the US

The possibility of the world’s countries taking organized actions against the dominant state is fairly little, yet their anti-Nazi citizens can stop the aggressor themselves. They can apply moral economic sanctions by means of refusing to buy any goods and services produced by the corporations of the aggressor.

Buying any goods and services, produced by the companies of an aggressor state, contributes to financing of the aggression

Every state collects taxes from its corporations and uses them among other things to finance its military expenditures. Therefore, when people buy any products made in an aggressor-state, they contribute, unintentionally, to the aggression. No matter how small the purchase is, a part of it goes to the budget of the aggressor state and thence – to its military budget.

Many of those who prefer to preserve a clear conscience, tend to abstain from buying products made by the enterprises of aggressor states.

Thus, even buying a little bottle of Coca-Cola means contributing somewhat to the military industry of the US. While aggression and Nazism are flourishing in the US, nobody could be certain that a bullet to murder an ordinary Afghani, Iraqi or even Iranian will not be paid for from such a contribution. As we recall the US threatening the Netherlands, nobody can guarantee that the aggressor, high on its victories, will not turn the canons against their homeland. Therefore, many of those who prefer to preserve a clear conscience tend to abstain from buying products made by the enterprises of aggressor states.

Even if people apply moral criteria only when they are having their choices between similar goods and services, market forces make Nazism and aggression loss-making ventures. Many countries have already experienced moral economic sanctions on their skin, including France having started nuclear trials on the Pacific Ocean.

Being reckoned loss making, aggression and Nazism will lose their attractiveness

Having made militarism and Nazism unprofitable, people of the world can curb them even in such countries as the US. Aggressive people disposed to conquer some new Lebensraum usually pay no attention to their opponents’ indignation, protests and demonstrations, yet they usually are concerned about their own well-being. Even Hitler would hardly have managed to consolidate his power in 1933, in case his government had not succeeded in rapid reviving of German economy.

Maybe a time will come, when the very militants, sitting safely and comfortably in well-armoured planes and tanks, will think one more time before starting firing at armless civilians.

Economic problems currently encountered by the US, particularly its growing trade balance deficit, convincingly prove that people buy less of American products the whole world over. With Bush being re-elected, this trend is going to accelerate. Therefore, Britain should also face consequences of its conquests, especially in case Tony Blair stays in his position after the election of 2005.

The governments of both the US and Britain are trying to explain all problems they face by means of pure economic reasoning. Therefore, it is very important that all pro-Nazi people in the US and England should understand why their lives are getting worse, why people do not buy American and British goods anymore. For the sanctions being effective, all the worshippers of Bush and Tony Blair have to realize, that the price they have to pay for killing Iraqis exceeds the value of the entire Iraq oil.

Nazi and aggressive states have to realize the repercussions they are going to face

Understanding their potention of promoting peace and humanity, even by the way they do shopping for the dinner, people make an important step forward in the direction of combating Nazism and aggression the world over. It is extremely important that every potential conqueror realized that by starting a war, it would doom his exporting companies to bankruptcy.

Maybe then such a time will come, when the very militants, sitting comfortably and safely in well-armoured planes and tanks, will think one more time before starting firing at armless civilians. It would result in lower employment possibilities for their compatriots, less social guarantees for their children and parents – and after next payment – perhaps a couple of hamburgers less for themselves.

What is forbidden for Germans, is permitted for Yankees, is it?

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